We can no long ignore the importance of online learning in educating our students, whether it be through fully online credit courses or blended learning modules offered within an existing course. So it was with great pleasure that I read the updated CAIS (Conference of Accredited Independent Schools) 2015 accreditation standards for Standard 3 – Academic program that now includes online learning as an expectation.

“Indicators of Effective Practice

3.17  The program is designed to engage all students in high quality online learning experiences

Guiding Questions

How does the school continually ensure that all students experience high quality online learning? Evaluate a recent training program for effective online teaching, including assessment practices. How could the PD for online learning be enhanced?”

These Standards are used for the regular CAIS Accreditation process that schools go through, and it is exciting to see that online learning is now an accepted and required component.

ELCC has been supporting online learning for independent schools over the past 6 years through their 30 fully online credit courses that have been built and delivered and through the continuing development of Blended Learning Modules that teachers use within their K-12 classrooms.

Our relationship with UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) allows us to provide the professional development teachers require to become effective online and blended learning educators.

The UOIT Additional Qualifications Course “Teaching and Learning with eLearning” provides Ontario teachers with accreditation on their Ontario College of Teachers certificate, and all teachers with a Certificate of Completion from the eLearning Consortium Canada.  

As an organization specifically focused on Independent Schools, and through our unique online programs, ELCC is able to support CAIS schools in meeting the new Online Standards.