Girls at computerThe  eLearning Consortium (now the eLearning Consortium Canada), originally a historic partnership between 13 Canadian independent schools in 2008, offers exemplary online Ontario credit courses and blended learning modules to students in partner schools. The Consortium model is innovative; each school provides teachers who develop and teach highly interactive online courses, facilitated by the Consortium and through a unique, in-service program in partnership with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). Through a collaborative Learning approach, the Consortium ensures a rigorous, innovative and interactive online program for independent school students.


To be a leader in online learning through exceptional teaching, curriculum design and online learning experiences for all student.


The Consortium will develop and deliver quality online courses that provide essential learning experiences including digital fluency skills and provide professional development opportunities for our teachers.

Strategic Targets

  • We will have a viable and growing online organization in Canada
  • ELCC will be recognized by the Independent School community as the provider of choice for Independent School Online Courses
  • All ELCC schools will recognize the value of students having completed at least one online course before graduation

Guiding Principles

  • The Consortium is based on a not for profit agreement among member schools
  • The Consortium is focused on the needs of students in member schools, although eligible non-affiliated students may register for a fee
  • Curriculum design is guided by exemplary pedagogy
  • e-Learning standards are developed according to best practices and CAIS standards
  • Professional development for online curriculum design, delivery and student support is thorough, based on exemplary pedagogy and e-Learning standards
  • The curriculum development process aims to be equitable to member schools
  • Governance structures and policies are sustainable and representative of the broad needs and cultures of member schools
  • Graduating students in member schools should have experience in e-Learning
  • Membership entails a commitment to provide equitable financial support for the design, delivery and administration of programming


The ELCC is closely affiliated with the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), the national association that accredits the majority of our schools offering our online courses and the Conference of Independent schools of Ontario (CISOntario) who were our initial founder and provide continued services to many of our schools. We are also partners with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOITfor our online teacher training and members of iNACOL, the International Association of K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL). Provincially, we liaise with the Ontario Ministry of Education and The Ontario College of Teachers.