Benefits to the School

The eLearning Consortium Canada is a unique organization that supports elearning for members schools through a sharing of online resources and expertise which could not be provided individually by independent and private schools. By joining the Consortium, you bring these benefits to your students and parents in a cost effective and proven approach.

ELCC provides fully Online Credit Courses for grade 9-12 students, Blended Learning through K-12 Blended Modules, and Reach Ahead Credits for Grade 8 Students.

ELCC can also provide customized Online and Blended Learning consultations in schools and Professional Development opportunities for school leaders and teachers. 

You support school and parent expectations

  • Computer roomBy joining the ELCC you are supporting the community of Independent Schools in delivering quality online courses
  • Parents and the independent school community expect online course availability for their students
  • Online Membership provides Professional Development and Leadership opportunities for your teachers
  • Students take online courses or blended learning modules where you are assured of the quality of the course and the teachers
  • Online courses provide skills that students will require for University and the work place…independent learning, collaboration, communication, problem solving, and appropriate uses of technology

You enhance your curriculum in a cost-effective manner

  • Your school can offer courses not presently available
  • You can offer online courses or blended learning modules that support a variety of different learning styles
  • You can offer classes where the numbers do not merit running a full class, i.e., low enrolment classes.  This can save on teacher costs
  • You can reduce the size of large sections by having identified students take online courses to meet class size expectations
  • It helps to resolve timetable conflicts for students

You meet student needs

  • You are able to offer courses to elite athletes or performers who can take an online credit while they are in another province or country or at times that match their special schedules
  • Online courses provide Credit Recovery
  • Online courses provide enrichment for students who want variety in their school program and who want an additional credit or a course not offered in their school
  • Online courses can provide Reach Ahead credits for students
  • Online learning provides personalized learning opportunities for students through interactive and collaborative curriculum that supports 21st Century Skills