What online courses can I take?2023-02-10T01:20:24-05:00

See the Curriculum section of the website for full course listings.

What skills do I need to take an online course?2014-09-07T23:03:27-04:00

The following are some of the skills and student attributes that will improve success in an online course:

  • I enjoy working at the computer.
  • I have the time and I am interested in taking an online course.
  • I have good reading and writing skills.
  • I can organize my work and can get my assignments in on time.
  • I like working independently and solving problems.
  • I enjoy collaborating online with other students.
  • I like to take responsibility for my work.
Do I need any special hardware or software for my computer?2023-02-10T01:20:24-05:00

You will require high speed Internet and a computer with a speaker, microphone (or headset) and a webcam.  Most courses will require you to have access to Microsoft Office or similar software.  Additional software is usually public domain that you can download onto your computer, and much of your work will be web-based using the Internet. TGJ3M requires specialized software. All courses run on the Blackboard Learn LMS.  There is an application for use of Blackboard on an tablet or smart phone that can be purchased for $1.99, but your main use will be on a computer.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my course or my computer?2023-02-10T01:20:24-05:00

The school has established a Site Administrator to assist students with any problems with a course or the technology.  They are in constant contact with the online teacher, the school Guidance Counsellors, and the IT Department.  You should contact your Site Administrator as soon as possible if you have any problems with the course, the teacher or your computer.  If you have a student IT Support department you may also contact them for technical problems.

How many online courses can I take?2014-09-07T23:03:27-04:00

It is recommended that students take one or two online course per year, unless there are special circumstances.  Students must receive permission from the school’s Site Administrator and the Guidance department to take an online course.

Do the marks for my online course go on my regular report card or to OUAC?2023-02-10T01:20:24-05:00

You will get marks on your report card about the same time and in the same format as you do for your regular courses.  Your Site Administrator will work with the online teacher to monitor your progress and to gather marks at regular intervals that are then used for any school documentation such as report cards, OUAC, University letters of reference and so on.

What if I am not in Ontario?2014-09-07T23:03:27-04:00

If you are taking an online course and your school is in another province, you will still receive an Ontario Transcript showing your course credit.  However, your own school may translate your course into the appropriate credit for your province’s transcript.  For further information, be sure to contact the Guidance department at your school.

Do I get an Ontario Credit for my online course?2023-02-10T01:20:24-05:00

Yes, all the online grade 9-12 credit courses adhere to the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines, and follow the standard policies for assessment and reporting.  Your final evaluation may be online or occur at your school during your regular exam timetable in June depending on the course you take.

Where and when do I take my online course?2023-02-10T01:20:24-05:00

Depending on the course you are taking and your school’s policies, you may be timetabled into a classroom or other location in the school, or you may be given a spare and expected to complete your course in your free time during the school day or at home.  Be sure to check with your Site Administrator or Guidance Counsellor to see where and when the online course you have selected will be offered.