Why take an online course?

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  • You can participate in exciting and creative online courses that may not otherwise be offered by the school.
  • You develop online skills that prepare you for University and the workplace
  • You have flexibility of time and place as course material can be covered at various times during the day and at school or at home.
  • You learn to collaborate with students from other independent schools to develop and expand your critical thinking and problems solving skills.
  • You experience and use computer technologies, such as online discussion, blogs, wikis, multimedia, and the virtual classroom, that enhance learning and develop your intellectual capacities.
  • You may find that learning online suits your learning style.
  • Students who are intimidated or shy in a face-to-face situation or who require additional time to reflect and respond to discussions and collaboration will find this appeals to their learning style.
  • You will learn to interact with other genders or cultures
  • You develop student-to-student interaction rather than just teacher-to-student interaction
  • You have opportunities to take classes from teachers who have different approaches or a different set of skills.
  • If you are an elite athlete or performer, you can work on your classes away from home
  • You have the opportunity to take challenging courses that integrate best instructional practices, with constant review and revision for quality control
  • You can pick up an extra credit to free up class time in the following year
  • You can pick up credits missing in your transcript
  • You can explore courses to provide variety and enrichment in your school year
  • You can use AP prep courses to prepare you for the AP examinations in May
  • You will have a person allocated in your school to support you throughout the year called the Site Administrator
  • Your teacher has taken at least 125 hours of training in delivering your online courses.  Most of them have taught the course several times.
  • You are able to see your marks online
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