The Consortium has developed a number of online “short courses” or  Blended Modules* specifically to be used by teachers in K- 12 for Blended Learning”.  They are taught by the regular classroom teacher to their own students during the school year.  ELCC can customize Blended Learning solutions for your school based on school requirements. 

Students have access to all the tools in our Blackboard LMS (the largest in the world) and begin to use online tools in a carefully directed process.  This gives them a taste of online learning in preparation for fully online courses at the Secondary Level.

All your teachers of Blended Modules also take the UOIT AQ Qualifications course which prepares them to build and deliver their Blended Modules.

Grade 4/5

  • Social Studies:  Medieval Times Grade 4
  • Geometry:  Spatial Sense Grades 5/6

Grade 6

  • Science:  Space Unit Grade 6

Grade 8

  • Mathematics:  Algebra Grade 8
  • World Languages:  A Taste of Mandarin (Introduction to Mandarin Grades 8-10)

Grade 12

  • Writer’s Craft

Note: There are many other Blended Modules developed for grades 4-12 for blended learning, and ELCC can assist schools in defining, creating and implementing these in their classrooms. 

New:  Reach Ahead Credits are now available for Grade 8 students (with permission of their Head of School) 

Reach Ahead Credits for Grade 8

  • International Languages – Mandarin Level 1
  • Classical Languages – Latin (Introduction)
  • Communication Technology TGJ3Me


Girl and teacher