Course Description

This course aims to develop a range of linguistic skills for students who successfully completed Level 1 Mandarin studies. Students will continue to build vocabulary and sentence structure, to develop appropriate language conventions in both spoken and written Mandarin. Lesson contents include material appropriate to teenagers, such as family and school life, immediate and larger surroundings and relationships. Authentic reading material is encouraged in addition to textbooks.


Level 1 Mandarin

Sample Activity


Ms Rubarth (Elmwood School)

Course Delivery

The course is run through Blackboard. Content is developed alongside the textbook. The asynchronous material includes vocabulary, grammar and texts. Each lesson contains two texts, completed in three weeks.

There are also weekly evening synchronous sessions in which the class conducts class activities. Students and the teacher communicate through Pronto outside office hours.

Assessment and Evaluation

The participation in the class activities is a part of the formative assessment. In addition, students’ weekly written work as well as their oral VoiceThreads, are evaluated for their knowledge and understanding. This contributes to the overall quality of the student portfolio. For the summative assessment, there are a couple of unit tests and a culminating task to demonstrate linguistic and applicational skills.

Required Resources

Textbook: Chinese Made Easy 2 (ISBN 978-962-04-3459-4)

Workbook: Chinese Made Easy 2 (ISBN 978-962-04-3466-2)