Course Description

This online course provides opportunities for students to develop and apply skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the language of study. Students will communicate and interact in structured activities, with a focus on natters of personal interest and familiar topics, and well read and write simple texts in the language. Throughout the course, students will acquire an understanding and appreciation of diverse communities in regions of the world where the language is spoken. They will also develop skills necessary for life long language learning.



Sample Activity


Ms Yu (Havergal College, ret’d)

Course Delivery

The course is run through Blackboard. Content is a mix of text, slide presentations, audio and video.

There are online text and weekly Collaborate Ultra sessions in which we go over content, look at examples, answer questions and have student presentations.

Assessment and Evaluation

There are a mix of assessment and evaluation tools, including quizzes, tests, weekly assignments, video presentations and discussions. The final culminating task has two components: an oral presentation and a comprehension written exam.

Required Resources

Textbook: Chinese Made Easy Textbook 1, 2nd Edition (ISBN 9620425944)